Project Description

New York, NY
Structural Engineering
Geotechnical Engineering

Strengthening the Existing Structural System

To strengthen the existing two-story longitudinal lateral system, comprised of unreinforced masonry, steel moment frames were added in the transverse direction. This dual system accommodated the narrow building and allowed for an open plan which maximized the functionality of the space. To decrease weight and incorporate a glass wall design, the penthouse was framed using a steel tube frame system.

Restoring Charm to Greenwich Village

On the existing front façade, a vast majority of brick was damaged beyond repair or in poor condition. Redesigning the façade was a chance to realign the building within the context of the neighborhood. The assessment of the brick at the front façade led to the decision to replace the entire façade with new brick from the second floor to the roof parapet. The re-envisioned façade fits seamlessly into the fabric of the neighborhood.