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06.02.2018 – The former manufacturing building located at 53 Downing Street, originally built in 1857, was fully gut renovated into a six-story, 8,260-square-foot luxury townhouse featuring a grand staircase, multiple terraces and a private garage. In collaboration with CWB Architects, DRPILLA was the structural engineer for this re-envisioned luxury townhouse in Greenwich Village. The structural work consisted of new floor framing and the removal of the existing rear wall to accommodate a new 2-story steel bay window. A new story was added to the building, providing a penthouse with a rear landscaped roof terrace. The addition of the garage was integrated into the structural design to keep with the character of the street, as Downing Street is only two blocks long but contains eight garages.

In an effort to realign the building within the context of the neighborhood, the front facade was repaired and restored with historically appropriate materials and details that fit seamlessly into the fabric of the neighborhood.

The project was featured on NBC’s Open House NYC. Tour the completed project in the link below!

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