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DRPILLA is pleased to announce that on March 6, 2019 Principal, Dominick Pilla, PE, CE, SE, RA, LEED AP will be a guest lecturer at Columbia University’s Fu Foundation School of Engineering + Applied Science. Professor Pilla will be discussing principles of construction engineering, as well as techniques and methods for new and existing buildings in NYC. Topics include:

  • Evolution of NYC building codes and approval agencies
  • Modifying existing “old” buildings vs. new construction
  • Subsurface soil conditions and proximity of adjacent buildings
  • Foundation techniques (spread footings, deep foundations, and mat systems)
  • Construction techniques (support of excavation design, construction sequence design, demolition design, tenant safety plans)
  • Staging locations (road widths and proximity to subways)
  • Structural monitoring of buildings (seismic and optical)

Post lecture, presentation materials will be posted online at