Project Description

DRPILLA has extensive experience in the design of renovations and additions to existing buildings. Adaptive reuse challenges the design team to breathe new life into existing facilities. It all begins with a knowledge and understanding of historical building construction, leading to investigation and evaluation of the existing structure. With this knowledge, the process then requires creativity in working with these existing conditions to accommodate the desired building use.

Building out versus building up is primarily determined by the amount of square footage desired, local / state regulations, and the construction type of the project structure. These type of expansions can be done in conjunction or separately, and often require reinforcement of a building’s foundation, structural monitoring, and underpinning, depending on the extent of renovation. Our projects include academic / civic, intuitional, residential, and mixed-use facilities.

Adaptive Reuse / Renovation Services

  • Condition and feasibility studies
  • Curtain Wall Inspections
  • Repairs to Structures in Distress
  • Horizontal / Vertical Additions or Enlargements