Project Description

As skilled structural designers, DRPILLA has had the opportunity to collaborate with artisans, sculptors, and academics on both temporary installations and permanent exhibits. DRPILLA’s designs incorporate wind, seismic, and code requirements as they relate to various works of art and their surroundings.

Designing specialty components and structures involves a unique combination of insight and creativity as well as the implementation of a fundamentally sound engineering approach. DRPILLA has a unique history with specialty structures and components that require a high level of understanding and multiple areas of expertise. Our multidisciplinary teams work collaboratively with architects, uniting imaginative design with leading-edge modeling and analysis to invent artful solutions to the complexities these projects present.

Our Expertise Includes

  • Tensile membrane structures
  • Cable-net structures
  • Lightweight structures
  • Sculptures and Artwork
  • Movable structures
  • Temporary structures