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Our clients have relied on DRPILLA to ensure the quality of construction by protecting the value of their building and infrastructure assets through rigorous oversight procedures that employ advanced testing and inspection techniques. We work closely with the entire project team and contractors to ensure compliance with all specifications and regulations.


DRPILLA is one of the first in New York City to receive Class 1 Special Inspection accreditation from the International Accreditation Service (IAS). Competent inspection is critical for successful construction and requires sound judgment, procedural knowledge, effective techniques and accurate documentation. We provide a team of trained in-house, professional inspectors who hold the necessary certifications from the American Concrete Institute (ACI), the International Code Council (ICC), and the American Welding Society (AWS).


Our construction phase monitoring capabilities encompass a full range of services that include state-of-the-art fully automated monitoring equipment with industry leading data management systems to provide clients with real-time monitoring data and intuitive reporting. Our team is equipped with the field experience, resources and collective knowledge to support any phase of the project’s life cycle, from preconstruction to final construction.


Support of Excavation (SOE) design often must be coordinated with both existing conditions and new construction projects. A variety of structural systems are used for excavation support; including wood sheeting, soldier piles, sheet piles, soil nails, secant piles and tremie concrete. Our team can assist owners, design professionals, contractors and other project stakeholders select, specify, analyze and design SOE systems and manage the risk associated with the excavations and support systems.