Geotechnical Engineering


Subsurface Investigations
Soil Analysis and Classification
Foundation Analysis and Design
Steep Slope Stabilization
Underpinning Design
Earth Retaining Systems
Groundwater / Hydrogeologic Studies


DRPILLA provides comprehensive geotechnical engineering services for field exploration, foundation analysis and design, and foundation design recommendations for infrastructure and other structures. Using our opinion of expected conditions, we design a sensible work plan to explore the site. Using our resources of conventional drilling/sampling, in-situ testing and nonintrusive and geophysical exploration tools, we execute viable work plans using safe, current and effective tools and procedures. Our experience covers a diverse array of projects that vary from simple shallow foundations to complex foundations including underpinning, sheeting and shoring, piles, caissons, earth anchors, and specialized ground improvement methods involving grouting, dynamic compaction, preloading and mining geotechnics.


Subsurface soil investigations and water testing methods are crucial to ensuring that building sites are ready to handle the construction, size and design intent of a build. They are helpful when setting up new residences and finding out why foundations are cracking. Our engineers provide reports on water levels, soil makeup and mineral content to help architects and building owners find the best ways to erect a new building or refurbish an existing structure.


Our engineers have extensive experience with multiple types of shallow and deep foundations. The primary considerations for foundation support are bearing capacity and settlement. Our recommendations and designs are based on the load characteristics of the structure or project and the properties of the soils and bedrock at the site. We understand the permit process and what soil types are common in and around New York City.


DRPILLA has extensive experience with slope stability analysis, design for safe slopes and excavations and the design of slope-retaining structures. Steep reinforced slopes are designed and constructed using reinforcing to strengthen the mass of earth such that a steep slope can be formed. Steep reinforced slopes can save significant construction cost as compared to retention structures.