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Dominick R. Pilla


With dual licensure in both engineering and architecture, Dominick is a dynamic professional deeply immersed in the intersection of these fields, embracing roles in private practice and academia. His unique approach to design centers on integration, seamlessly weaving together form and function to harmonize diverse disciplines throughout all stages of design and construction, thereby achieving the holistic aesthetic and functional vision of each building.

As the visionary founder and principal of DRPILLA, Dominick not only shapes the strategic course of the firm but also maintains a high level of engagement with clients, projects, and staff development. With over 30 years of dedicated expertise in structural analysis and design, he has guided the firm’s evolution into a collaborative powerhouse, consistently delivering innovative engineering and design services across an extensive array of building types, including museums, commercial and residential high-rises, hotels, healthcare facilities, academic buildings, and sports venues. His portfolio seamlessly marries utility and beauty, challenging conventional engineering norms while consistently achieving exceptional results that leave a lasting impact on the communities they serve.

Dominick’s distinctive strength lies in his ability to unite cutting-edge technologies with time-honored, pragmatic engineering principles. In his academic capacity, Dominick serves as a tenured Associate Professor of Structural Engineering at the City College of New York within the esteemed Spitzer School of Architecture. Here, he bridges the realms of engineering and architecture, fostering an environment where the melding of these disciplines is paramount in conveying ideas related to materials and structural systems applicable to design development. In this role, he relishes the opportunity to explore issues beyond the confines of commercial practice, further enriching his expertise and contributing to the broader knowledge base of his field.


New Jersey Institute of Technology Newark College of Engineering
Civil Engineering
Full Research Assistant Award

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Civil Engineering with a Minor in Architecture and Planning


Pilla, D. (2016). “Elementary Structural Analysis and Design of Buildings” (1st ed.). Boca Raton: Taylor & Francis.