Project Description

This 42,000-square-foot building complex includes nine stories of affordable housing for single adults living with mental illness. The residence contains 73 studios, averaging just 320 square feet each, on the second through ninth floors. Program spaces, counseling rooms, and a community space will round out the ground level, with a computer, laundry and bike storage room in the basement. The deep site plan, 75 feet wide and 155 feet long, allows for a rear yard with passive sitting, active recreation and residents’ gardening areas. DRPILLA provided the structural, geotechnical, and civil / stormwater design services for the entirety of the project.

Community Counseling and Mediation
Brooklyn, NY
Geotechnical Engineering
Site / Civil Engineering
Structural Engineering

Designing a Supportive Residence Compatible with its Surroundings

“Ruby’s Place” is designed with sensitivity to the surrounding brick residential buildings and will match the front setbacks of the rest of the block, with a landscaped front yard. The building is on stepped spread footings and designed so as to not impart lateral loads on the neighboring foundations abutting the building. Due to site accessibility challenges, the structural system was designed with specific consideration to the possible construction sequencing; placement of flatbed tractor trailers and proximity of crane picks were analyzed in order to best maneuver on site.