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  • TPPN 10/88 Technical Policy
    TPPN 10/88 Technical Policy

    DRPILLA offers optical and vibration monitoring services as required by the NYC Department of Buildings. Technical Policy and Procedure Notice # 10/88 (TPPN 10/88) requires surveying and monitoring of all landmark buildings located on a 90 foot radius of a job site in New York City to ensure no negative effects are created due to the construction process. Vibration monitoring equipment and existing conditions surveys are the steps and procedures needed to take when it comes to complying with this strict construction code. Monitoring is particularly critical when underpinning is being used as part of the foundation design. Each project is unique and requires the development of a through monitoring plan which includes the identification of areas to be instrumented, establishing a monitoring schedule and frequency, and an overall observed condition assessment.

  • Structural Monitoring Services
    Structural Monitoring Services

    DRPILLA provides our clients with detailed monitoring reports documenting time-histories of measured conditions with conclusions and any recommendations based on our analysis. Our experience in documentation and construction monitoring services makes us an ideal prospect for your needs, always looking out for your interests and keeping you updated each step of the way. Every day we focus on providing our clients with highly precise data with the most competitive prices within the industry. Our certified team and field technicians will provide you with the necessary seismographic and documentation reports so you stay compliant. We offer the following services:

    • Vibration Monitoring
    • Optical Monitoring
    • Crack Gauge Monitoring
    • Existing Conditions Documentation
    • Data Analysis and Evaluation
    • Pre-Construction Survey