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Our Core

Sub Services

  • Site Planning Design
    Site Planning Design

    Our expertise in civil, geotechnical and construction inspection disciplines; and our familiarity with zoning issues, local codes and local ordinances provides us with the ability to prepare site design documents that meet both regulatory requirements and our client’s budgetary requirements. Site design documents we prepare in support of obtaining approvals and constructing the project include: site layout, roadway and parking lots, grading, storm drainage, stormwater management, erosion control, utilities and lighting.

  • NYCDEP Stormwater Management
    NYCDEP Stormwater Management

    Stormwater management facility planning, design, permitting, and inspection is a core competency of our firm. In 2012, the NYCDEP revised their rules governing site discharge for new and redeveloped lots. Performance standards have increased stormwater storage requirements and imposed stricter limits on the maximum flow off the property into combined sewer systems. These new standards are meant to prevent combined sewer discharge from entering natural water bodies during larger rain events.