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Associate, Director of Engineering

Gary Feldman


With over two decades of dedicated experience, Gary’s expertise encompasses a comprehensive understanding of concrete, steel, and masonry structural systems. Having originally specialized in long span structures, he has seamlessly diversified his skills to encompass both building rehabilitation and new construction projects. As Director of Engineering at DRPILLA, Gary oversees and leads our engineering division across various disciplines, fostering a culture of collaboration, creativity, and continuous improvement within our engineering teams. Beyond his technical mastery, Gary’s leadership aptitude is evident in his meticulous guidance of design teams, documentation processes, and seamless project execution. His leadership and experience underscores a relentless commitment to shaping resilient infrastructures, reflecting a synthesis of enduring experience and an unwavering pursuit of excellence. Gary’s multifaceted expertise makes him a driving force behind our engineering successes and a key part of our leadership team.


New Jersey Institute of Technology
M.S. 2008
Structural Engineering

University of Technology and Economics
Budapest, Hungary
B.S. 2002
Structural Engineering