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About the project

2064 Boston Road

Bronx, NY

Affordable / Supportive Multi Family


OCV Architects


Bronx, NY

Completion date


DRPILLA played a pivotal role in delivering structural engineering design services for an impressive six-story residential building spanning 46,500 square feet. This development is tailored to provide essential support through 47 units of supportive housing, along with an additional 31 units of low-income housing. Significantly, the project involved the replacement of the original structure, which dated back to 1902.

Preserving the Past: Contemporary Design with Heritage at Heart

While the old building was carefully demolished, great care was taken to preserve its historical essence. Noteworthy elements such as the original terracotta facade, captivating gargoyles, wooden doors, and authentic steel and wood railings were safeguarded. These cherished remnants from the past are prominently displayed both inside and outside the new building, accompanied by detailed narratives that delve into the rich history of the structure. This approach ensures that the building’s heritage remains a prominent and cherished aspect of the modern design.

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