Project Description

This project involved the transformation of two existing four- and six-story warehouses into one residential / office / commercial space for CAMBA Housing Ventures. Serving low-income and formerly homeless individuals, the existing building was renovated and modified to adjoin a new five-story residential building, including a new two-story sky lighted center atrium and the replacement of all floor and roof construction. A “green roof” system was designed atop the existing building to provide a park-like atmosphere.

Camba & Camba Housing Ventures
Brooklyn, NY
Structural Engineering
$15 million

Quality Design Supporting Community Development

The structural system features concrete and masonry piers at the basement level, cast iron columns at the first level and wood trusses along the upper levels. The addition of stairs and elevators required the design of bulkheads and a new flooring system. To accommodate large storefront glass walls, the entire first floor facing the street was reconstructed. Since two buildings were joined, a pass-through was made at each level via connecting links. Due to its proximity to an existing subway tunnel, the design of this building also involved interfacing with the NYC Transit Authority to develop a foundation solution that would prevent the transmission of loads to the immediately adjacent elevated train. Along the exterior length of the building, the entire sidewalk vault was reconstructed.

Sustainable Design Features

In addition to providing a healthy, attractive residence for tenants, the design features various sustainable features including a highly efficient building envelope, water efficient fixtures, materials with excellent indoor environmental quality, and indoor sound control.