Project Description

DRPILLA provided comprehensive site plan development for a new Dunkin Donuts facility. The project involved facilitating approvals from all governing agencies. Slope stabilization for a 21-foot retaining wall was developed to minimize site disturbance and expedite construction. Utility layout, parking layout, site illumination, traffic studies, zoning code compliance and extensive coordination with the NYSDOT and local agencies were also provided.

Sapra Group
Nyack, NY
Site / Civil Engineering

A Custom Stormwater Management Plan

Our evaluation of the existing storm water runoff scenario consisted of three major drainage areas: the existing building’s roof, the area draining directly into a catch basin, and the additional runoff area that drained onto the high traffic roadway along Route 59. New drainage pipes were designed as needed to connect the roof downspouts to the proposed catch basin and to connect the proposed catch basin to the existing catch basin. The pervious area was increased by 0.0236 acres, a 14.6 % increment. This newly gained pervious area allowed for a significantly less incline than the existing steep pervious area, which allowed for greater infiltration. Our design resulted in a 0.22 cubic-feet-per-second decrease in the total runoff flow rate, a 6.9 % reduction, thereby complying with the zero net increase of storm water runoff design criteria.

Slopes Above

The 21-foot retaining wall system required extensive planning to maintain a stable support for the road above.