Project Description

DRPILLA provided structural engineering design services for the renovation of Florence Gould Hall which features a 361-seat theatre. The 5,370-square-foot venue offers visitors new ergonomic seating from renowned French manufacturers Quinette Gallay, as well as added legroom and improved sightlines. The entire “seating bowl” profile was dramatically altered and re-contoured and doors in the rear of the auditorium were centered to create a grand entrance. A new cross aisle and entry doors in the rear provide unobstructed views from handicapped-accessible seating areas.

French Institute Alliance Françoise
New York, NY
Structural Engineering
Geotechnical Engineering
$500,000 (seating only)
$1,200,000 (structural scope)

A Coordinated Production

Cultural and institutional spaces are often the centerpiece of the community. They create a sense of excitement, foster a city’s unique identity and play a vital role in the local economy. These vibrant and iconic venues inspire occupants and enlighten visitors. Performing arts venues require the teamwork and cooperation of engineers, architects, acousticians and theatrical consultants. Structural requirements specific to this project included excavation and restructuring of the entire seating of the theatre, design of the concrete seating rakers, seating slab geometry to match sight line requirements and provide framing stiffness to satisfy viewer comfort criteria, as well as the framing of the projection booth and re-anchoring the theater’s sound baffles to maintain clear acoustical isolation joints.