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About the project

Florence Gould Hall

New York, NY

Cultural / Institutional


French Institute Alliance Françoise


New York, NY

Completion date


DRPILLA played a pivotal role in the structural engineering design for the revitalization of Florence Gould Hall, a 361-seat theatre. This 5,370-square-foot venue now boasts enhanced visitor comfort with new ergonomic seating from esteemed French manufacturers Quinette Gallay, offering increased legroom and improved sightlines. The complete transformation of the "seating bowl" profile, along with the re-contouring, and the centralization of doors at the rear of the auditorium, contributes to the creation of a grand entrance. Additionally, the inclusion of a new cross aisle and entry doors at the rear ensures unobstructed views from handicapped-accessible seating areas.

A Coordinated Production

Cultural and institutional spaces often serve as the heart of a community, infusing excitement, contributing to a city’s distinct identity, and playing a crucial role in the local economy. These dynamic and iconic venues not only inspire their occupants but also enlighten visitors. Collaborative efforts from engineers, architects, acousticians, and theatrical consultants are essential for the success of performing arts venues. Specific structural considerations for this project encompassed the comprehensive excavation and restructuring of the theatre’s seating, the design of concrete seating rakers, meticulous adjustment of seating slab geometry to align with sightline requirements and ensure framing stiffness for viewer comfort. Additionally, the framing of the projection booth and re-anchoring the theater’s sound baffles were addressed to maintain clear acoustical isolation joints.


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