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About the project

691 Prospect Place

Brooklyn, NY

Affordable / Supportive Multi Family Residential


Community Counseling & Mediation; A. Larovere Consultants, LLC


Brooklyn, NY

Situated in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Georgia’s Place, a five-story, 26,000-square-foot residential building with a brick veneer, serves as a haven for homeless individuals in need of mental health services. Housing 48 private units, the residence includes on-site mental health facilities, a communal dining room, dining terrace, and a common room. Embraced by a diverse brick façade, extensive glass, sunscreens, a basketball court, and lush plantings, Georgia’s Place stands as a community beacon. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the design prioritizes sustainability, featuring elements like a 'Trespa' rain screen, aluminum sunscreen, ample natural light, argon-filled low-E glazing, bamboo flooring, Energy Star appliances, and efficient lighting.

Georgia's Place: Quality Design Fostering Sustainable Community Development

The building’s structural framework relies on reinforced concrete block walls and a concrete plank floor system, anchored by concrete spread footings. Lateral stability against wind and seismic forces is ensured by selected exterior walls and those surrounding elevators and stairwells, while interior bearing walls accommodate load-bearing floor planks.

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