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About the project

2700 Jerome Avenue

Bronx, NY

Affordable / Supportive Multi Family Residential


Jericho Project


OCV Architects


Bronx, NY

Completion date


Erected with brick façade, this 44,000-square-foot, six-story building introduces 76 units of supportive housing for veterans, specifically those from Iraq and Afghanistan, along with individuals with a background of homelessness and substance abuse. Featuring open, well-lit common spaces, fitness facilities, computer labs, gardens, and outdoor areas, Kingsbridge residence is thoughtfully designed to foster a sense of community among veterans from all eras. Each studio unit is fully adaptable for handicap accessibility, equipped with a kitchenette, and features a full-sized bathroom en-suite for residents' comfort.

Building Beyond Boundaries: A Curved Haven on Steep Slopes

The design leveraged challenging site conditions, characterized by significant slopes and an intricate layout, to shape a dynamic building offering diverse indoor and outdoor gathering spaces for residents, visitors, and case workers. Employing a stepped spread footing foundation, the design adeptly addresses the steep property slope. While predominantly a concrete block and precast plank structure, the building incorporates elevated cast-in-place slabs in key areas to harmonize with the architectural geometry. The building’s floor plan follows a radial layout, necessitating precise placement of each plank within specific minimum and maximum adjacent tolerances to accommodate the curvature of the plan.

Sustainable Design Features

In addition to providing a healthy, attractive residence for tenants, the LEED-Silver design provides Jericho Project with long-term savings in operations costs through its green approach. Sustainable features include extensive green roofs; pervious hardscapes; energy efficient HVAC systems and appliances; a microturbine for waste energy capture and reuse; and low impact materials such as those locally sourced, recycled, renewable and reclaimed.

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