Project Description

This eight-story, 35,000 square-foot -building provides 64 residential units and features a design with a variety of garden environments throughout the building. The residential units include private kitchens and bathrooms, indoor and outdoor communal gathering spaces, as well as support services and spaces. In addition to providing a healthy, attractive residence for tenants, the project achieved LEED-Silver certification.

Acacia Network
Bronx, NY
Structural Engineering
LEED Silver
$9.6 million

Overcoming Challenging Site Conditions

The challenges presented by an irregular, “L-shaped” lot configuration on a steep incline of bedrock were used as opportunities to create a multi-layered design with entrances on two levels and three individualized green spaces. The foundation is pinned to the bedrock, where possible, to minimize footing width. The structural components include load-bearing masonry walls supporting pre-cast floor planks. The lateral system of the building comprises the extra masonry walls which are designed as perforated shear walls.