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Spot Golf Entertainment

Various Locations, US

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Various Locations, US

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DRPILLA has been engaged to provide comprehensive structural and fabric engineering designs for a series of Spot Golf Sports Entertainment Complexes located nationwide. These dynamic complexes will feature a unique three-tier driving range configuration with concealed parking underneath, along with a hotel offering 120 to 160 rooms, an inviting bar area, and a diverse range of entertainment options. Notably, the physical footprint of these complexes is strategically designed to be more compact than comparable competitors, covering just over half the area of a standard 13-acre Topgolf facility, making it particularly well-suited for urban centers.

Driving Innovation: Spot's Unique Ranges

A distinctive aspect of these complexes is the elevated driving range, showcasing an exclusive proprietary design. This design incorporates target placements spanning distances of 50 to 170 yards, with the rear wall of the range featuring targets situated at an impressive 250 yards. The integration of innovative design concepts, adaptability to urban environments, and a dynamic range setup emphasizes the unique character of these Spot Golf Sports Entertainment Complexes as they redefine the landscape of sports entertainment facilities.

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