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Saint Peter’s Church

New York, NY

Cultural / Institutional


Works-in-Progress Associates


New York, NY

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With approval from the New York Landmarks Preservation Commission, DRPILLA has been engaged to deliver on-call structural engineering design services for the phased restoration of the Louise Nevelson Chapel of the Good Shepherd situated within the iconic St. Peter’s Church at Lexington and 54th Street. Nestled at the base of the towering Citigroup Center skyscraper, the Chapel, designed as an intimate and calming retreat, is undergoing a four-phase restoration process. Commencing with the stabilization of flaking paint and safeguarding areas susceptible to HVAC damage, the restoration progressed to securing sculptures ahead of the project, modernizing windows and the skylight, directing ductwork and lighting, replacing the ceiling, and installing a dedicated HVAC/humidification unit outside the Chapel isolation zone. Our services encompass the design of structural modifications, new elements, and systems for the replacement of the Chapel’s skylight and window, along with supports for mechanical equipment.

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