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About the project

Schoolhouse Terrace

Yonkers, NY

Affordable / Supportive Multi Family Residential


Women’s Housing and Economic Development Corporation


MAP Architects


Yonkers, NY

Completion date


DRPILLA provided both structural engineering and site/civil design services for this sprawling 172,000-square-foot supportive housing complex. This initiative marked the inaugural phase of a profound revitalization endeavor, aimed at supplanting obsolete public housing within the Cottage Gardens community. At its core, the project involved the creation of a multifaceted complex, encompassing a 51-unit senior housing edifice alongside a 70-unit family-oriented structure. Purposeful community spaces thread through these buildings, seamlessly intertwining with functional elements like a computer lab and versatile commercial meeting areas. The project’s unwavering commitment to sustainable practices and environmental consciousness culminated in the prestigious achievement of LEED® Silver certification, further underscoring its dedication to community well-being and responsible growth.

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