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About the project

Swamp Thing Residence

Harris Neck, GA

Residential Single Family


Barnes Coy Architects


Harris Neck, GA

DRPILLA provided structural engineering design services for the construction of this three-story, single-family residence, dubbed as "Swamp Thing", that seamlessly integrates with the untamed Georgia marshland. the house is perched on thirteen 40-foot cypress trunks which appear to grow through the full height of the house and create a rustic loggia below. The walls are ingeniously canted outward to emulate the transparent hull of a boat, allowing the interior spaces to be bathed in the soft, water-reflected light, all while framing captivating vistas of the Harris Neck River and the extensive wetlands of a national wildlife refuge. At the south end, a three-story blockhouse, crafted from rough-faced stone, anchors the house to the flood-prone terrain. This structural element houses the main entryway, staircase, a guest bedroom, and a kitchen, serving as a testament to both form and function in this remarkable residential marvel.

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