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About the project

348 W 14th Street

New York, NY

Commercial Multi Family Residential


ABR Builders LLC


Marin Architects


New York, NY

Contributing to New York's growing array of mixed-use residential structures, Ultimate 348 combines retail on the ground floor with offices spanning the 2nd through 6th floors. DRPILLA served as the structural engineer for the project, involving the addition of two new floors and an extensive interior overhaul. The renovation encompassed new mechanicals, mezzanine space, and impressive double-height ceilings of 16 feet and 6 inches. The design further showcases a contemporary glass façade with a prominent 15-foot frontage.

Elevating 348 West: A Contemporary Reinvention

Situated at 348 West 14th Street, this venture involves the transformation of a pre-existing building framed with wood joists. Adhering to New York City’s building codes, the renovation aims to optimize residential space on the site. To meet the necessary residential specifications, multiple floors were incorporated into the existing structure, necessitating reinforcement. Moreover, the traditional brick façade was replaced with a modern glass and steel aesthetic, presenting a striking visual departure from the neighboring red brick and white stone buildings.

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