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633 Fifth Avenue

New York, NY



Precision Glass


New York, NY

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DRPILLA played a key role in the structural and facade design for the flagship Fifth Avenue glass walls of Ermenegildo Zegna. The monumental 30-foot glass panes utilized in this flagship store stand among the largest single panes of glass in New York City. The entrance and lobby underwent a comprehensive upgrade, enhancing the entry sequence for a more gracious and accessible experience. Our contributions encompassed the design and engineering of the double-height glass storefront and vestibule, encompassing detailed planning for the glass, structural mullions, fins, and ledgers crucial for the intricate facade construction. provided the façade design and engineering of the double height glass store front and vestibule. The design included the glass detailing as well as the special components, such as the structural mullions, fins and ledgers required for the extensive façade construction.

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